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something trendy like an emotional complex [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
taffetà darling

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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2031|04:04 am]
taffetà darling
[Tags|, ]

This will be a little virtual scrapbook of sorts of interesting and/or healthy recipes that I feel are too important to not try at some point. It will be categorized by types.

recipesCollapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2012|09:37 pm]
taffetà darling
[Tags|, ]

Moki @ Waimanalo beach

Moki at Waimanalo beach

Today - Vietnamese curry @ The Pig & The Lady @ Honolulu Farmer's Market with Thomas
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2011|03:07 am]
taffetà darling
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[Current Music |buzzcocks - orgasm addict]

i just had a fantastic realization that since eating better my tongue feels twice as small than before. before it felt quite puffy. at times it made speaking somewhat odd. how ridiculous. i blame the gluten.

other great things -

* better breath
* flatter stomach
* no pasta and cheese cravings anymore which before i thought would feel like a david and goliath battle
* enthusiasm in cooking and keeping a good kitchen
* reading health books and magazines for tips, inspiration, and knowledge. LOVE the vegetarian times and the herb companion magazines
* dark circles lightening drastically
* socializing with some interesting laid-back and good natured modest people
* inspiring my parents to be healthier
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2011|02:27 am]
taffetà darling

so i've been really doing well with not eating any dairy and wheat. i'm sad to report that i've been eating meat a bit again though i've decided to stop since i notice whenever i do i get incredibly aggressive. figures doesn't it. on monday i broke my "no white rice" rule which is so hard here since they are obsessed with that muck here. some restaurants serve spaghetti with white rice! i kid you not. as much as a white rice hater i do enjoy brown rice. sadly this strawberry topped avocado roll didn't contain it -

its suppose to look like a submarine!

definitely have to learn to make my own sushi. today i went to a free raw food cooking class. sadly, it was only a demonstration but it was fun since i went with my mom and we were able to try the food. the chef was utterly sweet and my mom is in love with her. going to the next vegan class in two weeks which i am so excited about. the dishes were all delicious. i loved the strawberry cheesecake which was really interesting with shredded coconut in the crust. since the "cheese" was basically nuts it was too heavy for my taste so i rather try tofu instead even if its not a raw food. the nut hummus was good but since i'm addicted to hummus i have to have it with chickpeas! the "rainbow" coleslaw was so refreshing and savory. i plan on making it this week.

also, i've been making tons of little shopping trips scouting out the best deals for fresh produce and little gourmet splurges. so far i found an INCREDIBLE (yes all caps must be used!) japanese market near ala moana shopping center that sells incredibly cheap organic products and produce. super cheap tofu, soy milk, fresh mushrooms that are so adorable with even cuter packaging, and assortment of fruits and vegetables that are normally priced higher else where.

my second favorite place that i've in a way rediscovered is r. field wine company at foodland. it carries a lot of imported products from anything from goat butter to pomegrante molasses which i am utterly dying to try. the other day i was naughty/sinful and bought a goat cheese quiche, pinot grigio salami and my favorite pesto. they actually have a ton of sales so its not really all that bad. i regret buying the salami though.

oh, and today i bought this lovely stainless steel tiffin for my lunches when i go to the library to study -

next time at down to earth i'm buying the eco lunchbox which is also stainless steel. its smaller and ideal to have in my purse for a light meal and snack since finding food thats decent here is a nightmare in this white rice and macaroni salad drenched in mayo. this is exactly what you see on any given day here -

god forbid a person eat like a sensible living entity when you can stuff your face with this fat laden garbage. most macaroni salads don't even come with carrots though. just the noodles and tons of mayo. makes me sick thinking of it. no wonder i loathe mayo.

anyways, on a happier note i should be volunteering at my old elementary school to help with the children's organic garden. it should be fun and i get free produce!
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2011|06:27 am]
taffetà darling
so i just found out i have two rare vinyl lps by the rolling stones. in the magazine i just read one ablum is worth around £150-200 since the cover is the original 3d version. i'm just amazed really since life sometimes can be so 'feast or famine'.

i mean £150 to £200 could really do me some real good.
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